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  1. 01- What are the materials that ECOPIEDRA is composed of?

ECOPIEDRA is an excellent cement mortar composed of silica sand, lightweight aggregates and cements such as CEM I 42.5 R or BL II/A-L 42.5R, indistinctly according to the model to be manufactured.

02- What are the advantages of using prefabricated stone over natural stone with respect to installation?

• Installation is simpler and quicker.
• No bolts are required for installation, given that ECOPIEDRA weighs much less than natural stone.
• The installation speeds per square metre are much higher.
• Prices are reduced with respect to installation time and hours per installer.
• The surface area of the pieces are especially prepared to achieve greater adhesion with the bonding material used.

03- Do ECOPIEDRA products comply with current legislation?

Our product is produced by following a Certified Management System, with strict controls according to UNE EN ISO standard 146618:06, “Agglomerate Stone. Terminology and Classification”.

Control tests comply with the specifications defined by the Quality Department according to the aforementioned standard, which specifications are summarised in the data sheets of each product manufactured by ECOPIEDRA, S.L.

04- Over time, material ages. Are significant losses observed in the material with respect to the colours of the exposed face?

No, ECOPIEDRA ages the same as any other type of material used in the construction sector for coating exterior or interior walls.

05- What guaranty does the purchase of ECOPIEDRA offer me versus any other product of the competition with the same features?

ECOPIEDRA’s product guaranty is that a Quality Management System has been successfully implemented, which includes very strict controls on the production process and on the final product itself.

06- Is it possible that pieces of the same shape and colour might be found on the same surface to be covered?

The possibility of finding pieces of the same shape and colour is very low, given that it is ensured during the production process that shapes and colours are not repeated in the same model. Moreover, we have a fairly broad range of different formats, which as a whole makes our product as heterogeneous as possible.

07- Are there problems with installing ECOPIEDRA on chimneys?

To date, there have been no difficulties with installing ECOPIEDRA on exterior and interior chimneys if the steps recommended in the installation instructions described for customers are followed, which are included in our various product catalogues according to the type of wall to be covered.

It is only recommended that refractory materials be used for the interiors of active chimneys, which contribute to maintaining the calorific value of the solid fuels that are used.

08- Can ECOPIEDRA be installed on any surface (type of wall)?

Yes, as long as the steps recommended in the installation instructions are followed, which are described for customers in our various product catalogues according to the type of wall to be covered.

09- What material would you recommend for bonding?

For installing its product, ECOPIEDRA recommends a type C2 adhesive cement and M-7.5 joint mortar, under the ECOCEMENT brand, both of which are classified according to directive 89/106/EEC on construction products. The joint mortar applicable to the individual models is presented in several tones so that joints can be made according to the colour of the model to be installed. Both materials have been tested according to applicable European legislation, thereby complying the legislative requirements for their classification.

10- What installation speed does ECOPIEDRA offer?

The speed depends on the type of model used.

  • Panellised Models: The square-meter speed by installers is around 14 square metres per day.

Individual models with joints: The square metres applied by installers is between 7 and 8 square metres per day.

ECOPIEDRA: C/ Emiliano Barral, 16 • 28043 Madrid • Customer service: +34 91 519 99 35
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